This is where it all started  

Helping the medically under represented through tourism 

Dr. Sam (far right) and Alex (second from the left) with the surgical team at Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital. We donate a percentage of our earnings to the surgical unit at Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital in the Arusha region. We hope this will provide higher quality surgical equipment and anti-septic solutions for the entire hospital. 

God, Family, Medicine 

Sam is a surgeon, husband to his wife Villa, father of three, Lutheran Seminary graduate and community leader. He was born and raised in the Arusha Region. He went to medical school in Moshi near Mt. Kilimanjaro where he was also trained as an orthopaedic surgeon. He now serves his community at a hospital on Mt. Meru, following his father's foot steps.

Sam Kiwesa MD 

Hospitality and medicine go hand in hand 

An Alabama native, Auburn University graduate, and orthopaedic researcher, Alex has a passion for  helping others and medical research. Alex met Dr. Sam while working in a post baccalaureate research fellowship at Duke University through a non-profit that supports Sam's practice. Alex lives in the United States while pursuing further graduate medical education. When Alex visits Arusha he always stays with the Kiwesas. 

Alexander Oldweiler